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Civita di Bagnoregio

The dying city

And she remained like this for a moment, happy and thoughtful, against that flashing background of white scribbles and frightening abysses, as if the beauty of a woman's face that descends into a man's heart is truly one of the hardest things to die in this short, fleeting life.

Bonaventura Tecchi

Visiting Bagnoregio is certainly one of the most exciting experiences that can be had in the Tuscia. The beauty of its Civita, known as "the dying city", makes this small town in the Viterbo area a popular destination for national and international tourism.

Every year more than 700,000 people from all over the world come here to see an ancient beauty up close, which defies time and the erosion of the tuffaceous spur on which it is positioned. All around the badlands valley, a wonderful spectacle born of wind and rain.

Civita is increasingly a very popular place for lovers, who walk together on the bridge and arrive in the village to exchange promises of eternal love. We are in the land of St. Bonaventure, father of the Church and central figure in the Middle Ages. Franciscan land, therefore. Being San Bonaventura the author of the biography on the life of the Saint of Assisi, the Legenda Maior.

The town is experiencing a great phase of growth, essentially linked to tourism development. Tourism development that is driving the entire tourist hospitality and well-being industries. Crossing the village, with its Renaissance appearance, on foot is the best way to breathe the most authentic climate of the Italian province. You can decide to walk along Corso Mazzini, where characteristic little shops have come to life, and thus go down to the Belvedere or give yourself a little more time to go down the small alleys in search of breathtaking views.

The Belvedere offers a privileged view of Civita di Bagnoregio. From here you can take home the best photographs. Continuing, just go down a few dozen steps and you are in Mercatello. From here, climb the bridge that leads straight into the heart of the pearl of the Calanchi. An Etruscan village, with more than 2 thousand years of history behind it. Several collapses, recorded over the centuries, have caused beautiful churches and structures to sink into the valley. Unfortunately lost forever. But perhaps it is precisely this sense of precariousness, of fragility, that makes this place even more evocative. You enter from Porta Santa Maria, where for centuries they have guarded the lions with a human head between their paws.

Visitors, crossing the corridor after the door, will be able to immerse themselves in a quiet place, outside from time and from the world. In recent years, various places have made the excursion more pleasant and it will not be difficult to notice the presence of beautiful cats. The increasingly famous and photographed "cats of Civita".

The center of the village is Piazza San Donato, in ancient times it was its forum and today it is called "the square". The front side is dominated by the facade of the Cathedral of San Donato, cathedral until 1699.

Before leaving, going down towards the center of Bagnoregio, an important stop is the Cathedral (in Piazza Cavour) which preserves the Saint Arm. A relic of St. Bonaventure is kept inside a splendid French goldsmith reliquary.

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