Ticket cost

  • 5 euros.
  • If you opt for the purchase at the ticket office (the price is always 5 euros per ticket) please note that on the busiest days (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays), in compliance with the provisions of the specific Tourist Flow Management Plan in the Stages of Covid-19 Emergency the ticket office in Piazzale Battaglini will be active. On days with less traffic, the Mercatello ticket office will be open.

    Visitors without a ticket are advised to always go to piazzale Battaglini. In the event of low flows, they will find here a convenient parking lot from which it is possible to reach the village either with a 15-minute walk or using the special shuttle transport service to the Belvedere. In this case, only the Mercatello ticket office will be open, near the bridge.

    In the event of a day with greater tourist flows, the ticket office in Piazzale Battaglini will be active.

Free entrance ONLY for:

  • Free for invalids and disabled people with a degree of disability of 100% with accompaniment and card recognized by law and a companion for each of them;
  • Children up to 6 years of age (upon presentation of identity document or other identification document);
  • Citizens of the Municipality of Bagnoregio and their closest relatives;
  • An escort for school trips (every 10 paying pupils);
  • Students and teachers of schools of all levels in the Municipality of Bagnoregio
  • Directors and Curators of Italian and Foreign Museums, of Archaeological Sites and of Historical and Cultural Heritage by written invitation from the municipal administration;
  • Registered journalists with presentation of the card;
  • Tourist Guides duly authorized to practice following a group;
  • Tourist interpreters when their work is needed alongside the guide, by showing a valid license issued by the competent authority;
  • Residents of the village;
  • Guests of homeowners in Civita di Bagnoregio;
  • The customers of the structures (B&B and holiday homes) within the village

To purchase the ticket online click here

Below are the contacts for any clarifications and problems relating to the purchase of the online ticket

Telephone 1: +39 3248660940 (every day) Email: biglietteria.civita@gmail.com Hours 8:00 – 20:00 You can also pay by downloading the free CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO APP.

The Civita di Bagnoregio app is a simple and intuitive guide, it has been studied and structured to offer all the necessary information to enjoy these splendid landscapes in maximum comfort (parking, restaurants, hotels, b&bs and commercial activities).

The Civita di Bagnoregio application, created in Italian and English, can be downloaded completely free of charge and, thanks to GPS technology, is able to accompany the user step by step to the place of interest to be reached.

Thanks to the variety of information and services available on the "Civita di Bagnoregio" app, tourists will have the opportunity to plan their tour in advance, choosing from the comfort of their home and with a few simple clicks where to stay overnight, where to eat and the monuments to visit. consulting images and contacts of each single structure.

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