Palazzo Granaroli

Via Granaroli, 4 Bagnoregio

The building from the late 1600s is highly characteristic.

Upon entering, it's almost like stepping back in time. The kitchen used to be a barn, with original wooden beams and walls made of tuff stone. There's even an old feeding trough still in existence. The living room was formerly a kitchen, with wall-mounted cabinets as was the custom back then, and a large fireplace with a small window that was used to circulate air since radiators didn't exist at that time. In the attic, the original antique terracotta floors are preserved, along with a skylight through which you can admire the starry sky.

The surrounding alley is equally charming. Walking through it to the end, you'll come across the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a stone washbasin still in use, and a marvelous view of the Badlands Valley.

For those who choose to stay at this property, a 10% discount is offered.

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