Bigiotti in Venice as a Speaker at a Prestigious International Tourism Master's Program

26 Apr 2018

The Mayor of Bagnoregio: "We're Sowing Seeds, Thinking Globally"

Francesco Bigiotti among the speakers at the Master in Urban Heritage and Global Tourism program promoted by the University Iuav of Venice. On Thursday, April 26, Bigiotti delivered his lecture, focused on what is now commonly referred to as the "Civita model," at the magnificent venue overlooking the Grand Canal. Alongside the Mayor of Bagnoregio was Professor Ricca, who joined via video conference from Singapore.

This significant participation honors the entire Tuscia region, an extraordinary area that, thanks in part to the important signals coming from Bagnoregio, is considering the potential of tourism development as an engine for the local economy.

"Showcasing our region as an example in prestigious international contexts like the one at Iuav University in Venice is extremely important. It allows us to be at the forefront and share what we have and what we have accomplished with the future leadership of architects, landscape architects, and tourism experts. We're sowing seeds, thinking globally," Mayor Bigiotti remarked.

The Master in Urban Heritage and Global Tourism is promoted by the University Iuav of Venice in collaboration with WHITRAP Shanghai and with the patronage of the National Institute of Urban Planning and UNESCO. The project also involves Luiss University in Rome and the University of Verona, which collaborate with the Master by providing qualified instructors.

The aim of this specialized program is to train professional competencies capable of managing the conflict between traditional tourism and urban heritage enhancement. It's a pilot experience initiated by the University Iuav of Venice in synergy with a group of professionals who share skills and networks with students, offering insights into the professions of tomorrow in an industry that increasingly demands cross-disciplinary expertise.

The Master is designed for graduates in architecture, urban planning, engineering, design, humanities, and economics.

Among the guest lecturers are well-known figures from various fields related to tourism and urban heritage, including institutional representatives and professionals. Notable names include Lorenzo Bellicini, Director of Cresme; Gianluca Laterza, Senior Territory Manager at Tripadvisor; Giovanni Formiglio, Coordinator of Integrated Communication at the Property Agency; renowned chef Giancarlo Perbellini; photographer Massimo Sestini; as well as sociologists, journalists, historians, and experts like Professor Huong Pam Thi, UNESCO Representative in Vietnam; Professor Liu Thai Ker, Chief Urban Planner of Singapore; and Professor Francesco Bandarin, former Deputy Director-General for Culture at UNESCO.

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