Civita Cinema 2018: It's Giuseppe Tornatore's Day in Bagnoregio

23 Jun 2018

Civita Cinema 2018: It's Giuseppe Tornatore's Day in Bagnoregio

It's Giuseppe Tornatore's day in Bagnoregio. The renowned filmmaker will meet the audience of Civita Cinema 2018 at 9:30 PM at Piazzale Biondini.

The 1990s saw Tornatore arrive in Civita to shoot a scene for the film 'The Star Maker' (1995). His encounter with the place left a lasting impression, leading him to purchase a house in this remote corner of the world. Since then, he has spent part of his time writing new films there, suspended in one of the most captivating landscapes in the world. Tornatore is expected on stage at 9:30 PM, but he will arrive in the village a bit earlier to spend a few hours wandering through its alleys and picturesque views. This will be one of the most significant moments of the 2018 Festival, which has already provided and will continue to provide immense emotions to the audience until Sunday.

Civita Cinema 2018: Giuseppe Tornatore's Day in Bagnoregio

The afternoon of Civita Cinema begins at 5 PM in Piazza San Donato with Gabriele Mayer, delving into the secrets of her costume design work for both film sets and stages. At 6 PM, in Civita, there will be a meeting with Enrico Lucherini, the "inventor" of the press office. He provides a clear analysis of the importance of effective communication in ensuring a film's success. Enrico Lucherini, featured in the 2014 documentary 'I've Done Everything,' discusses his work, which has recently involved Civita di Bagnoregio, the setting for the comedy 'A Matter of Karma.'

The evening film screening at 9:30 PM at Piazzale Biondini will feature Tornatore's 'The Star Maker.' The night continues with the After Festival event at Magna Civita.

For all the details, visit Follow the Civita Cinema Facebook page for updates.

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