Greyhounds in Bagnoregio - Interview with president Marcello Poli

23 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017

Greyhounds – Autumn Meeting 2017, 300 specimens in Bagnoregio

President Marcello Poli: "Important appointment for the purpose of obtaining the Italian title"

'Autumn Meeting 2017 - Greyhounds', Bagnoregio chosen as the location for the important meeting. The event, organized by the Greyhound Club, the Italian Greyhound Club and the Italian Association of Afghan Hound Amateurs, will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September at the Agriturismo Buonasera.

We interviewed the president of the Greyhound Club Marcello Poli.

First time in Bagnoregio, why did you choose this area?

“With the clubs we organize two events a year: one in spring on Lake Garda and one in autumn in Central-Southern Italy. Initially the Central-Southern one took place in Foligno, then we moved it to Gualdo Tadino. This year we had the opportunity to come to Bagnoregio. A prospect that convinced us a lot because we consider the important tourist growth and the constant work of promoting the area carried out by the municipal administration to be interesting."

What will happen in these two days?

“We will hold two shows, one monoclub on Saturday 23rd and one with the important presence of the Italian Greyhound Club and the Italian Association of Amateur Afghan Hounds. Around 300 dogs are expected over the two days. This translates into 500-600 people involved. Significant numbers because these are important gatherings for the purposes of obtaining the Italian title."

What are the advantages for the territories that host your initiatives?