Homage to Lucio Dalla

12 Aug 2017 - 13 Aug 2017

'Cinema Italia' and a great tribute to Lucio Dalla for the closing weekend in Bagnoregio del Tuscia in Jazz

Saturday 12th Rosario Giuliani and Luciano Biondini, Sunday 13th Pippo Matino and Silvia Barba

A truly exciting weekend in Bagnoregio, with two high-level events signed by Tuscia in Jazz. On Saturday 12 August Rosario Giuliani (soprano sax and alto sax) and Luciano Biondini (accordion) will take to the stage in Piazzale Biondini with their project Cinema Italia. On Sunday 13th the closing of the five days of Tuscia in Jazz Bagnoresi is entrusted to Pippo Matino and Silvia Barba, with their Bassvoice Project and a great homage to the music of Lucio Dalla.

The appointment with the shows is always at 9.45 pm in Piazzale Biondini.

'Cinema Italia' is a tribute to the great Italian cinema, which has contributed to making our country known everywhere and which has consolidated a tradition of excellence over time.

Rosario Giuliani on sax, Luciano Biondini on accordion bring to the stage a contemporary musical point of view, which never betrays the melody of unforgettable themes but at the same time presents them with a new strength and vitality, demonstrating their immortality and always surprising the I listen with the modernity of the proposed versions.

Unforgettable themes from timeless films, including 8½, Once Upon a Time in America and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, directed by the unparalleled Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone. Alongside these iconic songs and composers, two originals by Rosario Giuliani and Luciano Biondini (Bianco e Nero and What is there what is not) which once again demonstrate the narrative strength of these two great artists.

An electric bass that builds, note after note, the melodies of famous Italian and international songs with a powerful and intense voice that plays with sounds and emotions. This is the BassVoice Project of Pippo Matino - one of the most important bass players in Europe - and Silvia Barba, a Roman singer who grew up artistically between the Capital and Paris.

For many years together, with two albums under their belt, they have been pursuing a path that winds through original songs and revisited songwriting. Often accompanied by some of the most talented Italian musicians and beyond, such as Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Jorge Bezerra Antonello Salis, Francesco Bearzatti, Michael Lecoq, they present their repertoire in a minimal key, taking a journey through Mediterranean sounds, in the atmospheres melodic and rhythmic, with particular attention to the expressiveness of the chosen texts.

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