Pupi Avati protagonist of the third day of Civita Cinema

29 Jun 2019

Pupi Avati protagonist of the third day of Civita Cinema

Pupi Avati is the protagonist of the third day of Civita Cinema. One of the last great masters of Italian cinema is expected on the stage in Piazzale Biondini at 9.30pm this Saturday 29 June. 44 films directed, 51 screenplays written, the debut alongside a great like Pier Paolo Pasolini. He collaborated with him on the screenplay of 'Salò or the 120 days of Sodom'.

The rise with 'The House of Laughing Windows', a cult film for cinema enthusiasts. As well as 'Gift of Christmas', which became one of the most viewed films in the history of Italian cinema.

Immediately after the meeting, the screening of the film 'A golden boy', with Scamarcio, Stone, Capotondi and Ralli. It will also be the day of the award ceremony and screening of the "best documentary Civita Cinema 2019". The jury is made up of members of the Agorà di Bagnoregio Association, in collaboration with the Bonaventura da Bagnoregio Study Center.

In the afternoon another tribute to the genius of Leonardo, with the screening (Taborra auditorium, 4.30pm) of the animated film 'Leo Da Vinci'. The protagonist is the enigmatic and fascinating figure of the young Leonardo Da Vinci, who manages to recreate his world of brilliant discoveries, intelligent inventions, moments dedicated to fun and the incredible dream of being able to fly.

At 7pm the Belvedere lights up with Edoardo Stoppacciaro and his 'World in Flames'. A particularly interesting meeting, with the voice actor of 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Hobbit'. At 11.30pm the short film Ucronìa Falisca, directed by Alessandro Grandi, at Magna Civita. The short film winner of the first 'Ciak! Montefiascone' by Est Film Festival which tells the events of Montefiascone in a futuristic style.

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