Renzi in Bagnoregio two-day program

30 Sep 2017

Matteo Renzi, Graziano Delrio, Dario Franceschini and many others at the Liberal Pd Seminar in Bagnoregio

There were many highly relevant attendees at the Liberal Pd National Seminar in Bagnoregio entitled 'A Liberal Italy in Europe'. The secretary of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi, various ministers, undersecretaries, national journalists and experts will speak.

Appointment for Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October at the Taborra Auditorium in Piazza Biondini. The start of the first day is set for 10 am, with greetings from the mayor of Bagnoregio Francesco Bigiotti.

'Which party model to relaunch participation and continue reforms?'. This is the theme of the first meeting (10.30 am) which will see as protagonists the Liberal PD President Enzo Bianco, the Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council - European Affairs and Vice President of the Liberal PD Sandro Gozzi, the Coordinator of the PD Secretariat Lorenzo Guerini, the General Secretary of the Liberal PD David Bogi, the Democratic Party Deputy and Director of the School of Politics Marco Meloni, the President of the Senate Culture Commission and Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party Andrea Marcucci and the Director of the Piepoli Institute Study Center Livio Gigliuto. The conclusions will be entrusted to Lorenzo Guerini.

At 12 pm the second meeting: 'Justice at European standards: objective or mirage?'. Speakers include the university professor and lay member of the CSM Paola Balducci, the member of the ANAC Council and State Councilor Michele Corradino, the ordinary civil law lawyer of the Sapienza University Luca Di Donno, the President of the Institute for Research on Public Administration Giulio Napolitano, the teaching lawyer and Deputy General Secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party Gianfranco Passalacqua.

Then the intervention of the National Secretary of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi.

At 3pm we resume with 'Europe: an equation for the future'. Corriere della Sera columnist Paolo Valentino interviews Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the European Affairs Council; and Adolfo Battaglia, former Minister of Industry.

'There is no equity without development. The government left facing the challenge of growth' is the topic addressed at the meeting scheduled for 4pm. A round table which will see as protagonists the Undersecretary for Economic Development Ivan Scalfarotto, the Honorary President of ST Microelectronics Pasquale Pistorio, the Director of 'Democratica ' Andrea Romano and Nextam Partners CEO Carlo Gentili.

The closing meeting is 'Art and Culture: preserving to grow'. Speakers will include the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini, the President of the Senate Culture Commission and Vice President of the Liberal Pd Andrea Marcucci, the Vice President of the Liberal Pd Ludina Barzini and the President of the Civita Association Simonetta Giordani.

Sunday will feature at the opening (10 am) the meeting 'The mayors: governance and growth of the territories'. Speeches are expected from Enzo Bianco (mayor of Catania), Edoardo Winspeare (director of the film 'La vita in Comune'), Guido Castelli (mayor of Ascoli Piceno), Marco Alessandrini (Pescara), Matteo Biffoni (Prato), Bruno Valentini (Siena). The meeting will be moderated by Anci Communications Manager Danilo Moriero.

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