Taruffi-Day, Bagnoregio pays homage to the great pilot

26 May 2018

'Taruffi-day' in Bagnoregio. Appointment for Saturday 26 May, 10 am, to remember the thirty years since the death of Piero Taruffi and the birth of the Association named after him and the twenty years of the Museum dedicated to the memory of the champion.

Bigiotti: “Remembering the champions is an invitation for everyone to reflect on commitment and sacrifice as values ​​necessary to emerge”

The day will open with the naming ceremony after the driver in the area adjacent to the Museum, in the center of which will be a 1957 Maserati 200 Si, a car with which Piero Taruffi competed in some races in 1956/57. In addition to the president of the Association Fabrizio Verzaro, there will be the prefect of Viterbo Giovanni Bruno, the mayor of Bagnoregio Francesco Bigiotti and the president of the Automotoclub Storico Italiano Maurizio Speziali. Everyone will then move to the adjacent House of the Wind where many characters who have somehow linked their names to this story will speak.

“Homaging the champions of the past is an invitation to everyone to be able to examine their lives and careers and find the moral ingredients, study, commitment and tenacity that allowed them to emerge. Taruffi is a champion who has left his mark and for Bagnoregio having a museum dedicated to him is a source of pride." These are the words of the mayor Francesco Bigiotti.

There will be Valerio Moretti, motoring historian and author of many books, founding member of ASI and personal friend of Piero Taruffi, Massimo Vezzosi, first president of the association and among the founding members and then the brothers Luigi and Giovanni De Virgilio, sons of the engineer Francesco, designer of the historic V 6 Lancia to which a section of the Museum is dedicated.

Among others, the artists who made the collective painting exhibition inaugurated last Saturday and which is continuing with great success possible also spoke: Alessio Paternesi, a master from Viterbo who needs no introduction, Eugenio Sgaravatti, a multifaceted and great artist passionate about historic cars, Arianna Greco, from Salento who paints with wine, Arianna Fugazza, master of the airbrush, Nicola Danzi, painter dedicated to motoring art and Maurizia Gentili, from Piacenza known for her "vinarelli".

Thanks to their generosity, the morning will end with a charity auction of a work donated by each of them, the proceeds of which will be donated to the disabled children of the Juppiter Association. A great party to remember a great character such as Piero Taruffi, a multi-victorious rider in over thirty years of career in motorbikes and cars, winner of all the most important road races in the world but with a palmares that also boasts some appearances in the then nascent grand prix of Formula 1 with a success at the Swiss GP on Ferrari. His racing career ended, as is now known, with victory in the last edition of the Mille Miglia in 1957. But Piero Taruffi was also a great technician, graduated in mechanical engineering and dedicated himself to aerodynamic studies, creating two and four-wheeled vehicles with whom he personally achieved a very long series of world records in speed and duration; lastly we remember that he was also the designer of circuits where races are still held today such as Vallelunga, which bears his name, and Misano Adriatico where a round of the Moto GP World Championship is held.

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