The State Police Band in Civita for a concert dedicated to Falcone and Borsellino

28 Jul 2017

Bigiotti: "An event with a high symbolic value in homage to two symbols of the fight against the mafia"

Great concert of the State Police Band in Civita di Bagnoregio dedicated to Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. Appointment for Friday 28 July at 9.30 pm in Piazza San Donato, under the starry sky of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The event, organized in collaboration between the Municipality of Bagnoregio Civit'Arte and Ombre Festival, will also see the participation of the actor Luca Barbareschi and the tenor Antonio Poli. Maestro Maurizio Billi will direct the musical band which for over 80 years has been an important vehicle for the dissemination of music in Italy and abroad.

“It will be an emotional concert, 25 years after the Capaci and Via D'Amelio massacres – said the mayor of Bagnoregio Francesco Bigiotti -. We are proud to host the State Police Band for an event with a high symbolic value. Bagnoregio pays homage to the figures of Falcone and Borsellino after whom we have named our Belvedere, a privileged point of view over Civita".

One hundred and five performers, all from the most important conservatories. A formation that with style and skill was an integral part of the most important public celebrations at a national level.

His performances, both in the most famous theaters and in Italian and world squares, are particularly appreciated. With a vast repertoire which includes, in addition to traditional military marches, also original songs and transcriptions of classical and contemporary music, the Band contributes to bringing citizens, through music, closer to the concept of "proximity policing".

The high artistic profile of its interpretations and the quality of the programs offered qualify the State Police Music Band among the best wind orchestras at an international level. The collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as Claudio Baglioni, Mariella Devia, Leon Bates, Stefano Bollani, Amii Stewart and other great singers are a testimony to the high level of quality achieved even in the most demanding performances.

Also of great importance are the concerts held with the choirs of the most important musical institutions, such as Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Teatro Regio in Turin, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Accademia di S. Cecilia, Teatro Massimo in Palermo . Worth highlighting are the unforgettable performances abroad, in particular in New York, Washington, Jerusalem, Oslo, Essen, Malta and Vienna. In 2015, Oscar winner Ennio Morricone defined the State Police Musical Band as a true wind orchestra.

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