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Bagnoregio in an important European-scale project

H1: Bagnoregio Leads a Major Circular Economy Project H2: Bigiotti: "Our Region Holds Cards in Both Tourism and Production Sectors" H3: Bagnoregio Takes the Helm in a Significant European-scale Initiative for Circular Economy

Bagnoregio is spearheading a significant European-scale project in the field of circular economy, alongside three universities and a major multinational corporation.

Francesco Bigiotti, the CEO of Casa Civita, stated, "Our region has opportunities not only in tourism but also in the production sector."

An important European project is taking its initial steps between Bagnoregio and Perugia. The driving force behind this initiative, involving three prestigious universities and a major multinational corporation in the food industry, is Francesco Bigiotti, the CEO of Casa Civita.

On behalf of the Municipality of Bagnoregio, he is carrying out the preliminary phases of a project aimed at substantial funding, positioning Bagnoregio as the leader of this operation. This morning, Bigiotti held a preliminary meeting with various professors and researchers from the Department of Pharmacological Sciences at the University of Perugia. The meeting aimed to define the focus of future actions, which are geared toward innovative research capable of establishing an enterprise aligned with the contemporary principles of circular economy and environmental sustainability.

"We are in the initial phase," explained Bigiotti, "but I am convinced that our region can play important cards, not only in the tourism development industry but also in the production sector. It's a perspective of optimism and confidence that we should share and anticipate. In the coming months, we will provide further precise details about the operation."

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