Sep 2023

Bagnoregio is officially a cardioprotected town

Bagnoregio is officially a cardioprotected town. The project of the local section of the Italian Red Cross and the Municipality of Bagnoregio saw the activation of the last totem containing a semi-automatic defibrillator. It was installed in Piazza Ricci, at the Belvedere. It is a place very frequented by tourists.

"We are satisfied to have put the last piece of a project that has allowed the installation of six defibrillator stations and has given us the opportunity to make Bagnoregio and the hamlets of Vetriolo and Castel Cellesi a cardioprotected area. All with the proceeds of the Living Nativity that, every year, our Red Cross impeccably realizes." This is how Bagnoregio mayor Luca Profili comments.

"There are six totem stations that we have installed, the last one this morning," said Stefano Bizzarri, president of the local section of the Italian Red Cross. "It is important to have these defibrillators in very frequented places that allow us a timely intervention in case of cardiac arrest. Thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Bagnoregio and the success of the Living Nativity, we were able to achieve what was a common goal. With the 2023 edition, we have an even bigger dream: to purchase a super-equipped ambulance to put at the service of our citizens."

The installed totems will also be precious for the safety of the territory because they are equipped with 360-degree cameras that will be integrated with the video surveillance system already active in the territory.

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