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Bagnoregio Takes Center Stage at Milan's BIT Exhibition

Bagnoregio Takes Center Stage at Milan's BIT Exhibition

Embracing the Global Tourism Platform

Bagnoregio steps into the spotlight at the Milan International Tourism Exchange (BIT), a premier international showcase and gathering for tourism professionals, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts. This event fosters invaluable in-person connections between industry insiders and curious explorers. With approximately 70,000 visitors and 2,000 participating companies, BIT stands as a major influencer within the tourism sector.

Unveiling UNESCO Aspirations

From the pavilion of Lazio Region, Mayor Luca Profili sheds light on the UNESCO candidacy for the 'Cultural Landscape of Valle dei Calanchi'—a profound endeavor. "The cultural landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio is something that should not merely be observed but also experienced, embracing the emotions it safeguards. Civita has defied the eras, even the contemporary one. Evolving from a place on the brink of abandonment, it has transformed into a beacon of potential future. It beckons the new generations to embrace the challenge of inviting the world into their homes, tasked with cherishing a unique identity and making it accessible to those who wish to wander slowly, to see and truly listen.

Civita encapsulates the essence of the past, present, and future within a constant interplay of tension and repose between humanity and nature. It exemplifies resilience, responding to challenges by constructing within the effort and spark of human intelligence. It's a realm where the mind learns to seek solutions, not problems, fostering a distinct way of engaging with the world. We hope that the potential UNESCO recognition can be an added impetus for its preservation and safeguarding," expressed the mayor during his intervention.

Casa Civita's Collaborative Endeavors

Joining him in Milan is Francesco Bigiotti, the sole administrator of Casa Civita. Casa Civita plays a pivotal role in crafting tourist and traveler services while overseeing communication and promotion strategies for the region.

"Being present as protagonists at international tourism fairs holds significance for Bagnoregio, and we aim to integrate this into a broader strategy, aimed at establishing a strong foothold in our expansive region. Casa Civita is entrusted with cultivating and forging synergistic relationships with other municipalities in our geographical vicinity, ultimately propelling a higher caliber of tourism development," affirmed administrator Bigiotti.

Delegation from Bagnoregio

The Bagnoregio delegation at Milan's BIT Exhibition included the presence of councilors Elena Gentili and Sabrina Crosta.

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