Aug 2021

Civita Luogo del Pensare comes to life

Civita Luogo del Pensare comes to life: Veltroni, Cucinelli, Crepet, and Ezio Mauro take the stage.

Civita Luogo del Pensare comes alive after the success of the evening which saw protagonists Dodi Battaglia dei Pooh and the cycling champion Francesco Moser. This Monday, August 16, Claudio Colaiacomo talks about his book 'The Incredible Curiosities of Rome'. On 19 August it is the turn of Mirko Zilahy with 'The man of the woods' (Civita). On August 21 Costantino D'Orazio arrives with 'Lives of excellent artists' (Casa del Vento). On 24 August in Piazza San Donato in Civita there will be Walter Veltroni with 'The Moro case and the First Republic'. On 26 August it is the turn of another big name in Civita: Paolo Crepet with 'Beyond the storm'.

On August 27, a great evening with the entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli who will give a lectio magistralis on beauty and humanism. On September 1, again at 21, in Piazzale Biondini the show by Emilio Solfrizzi 'Roger'. On September 2, Umberto Galimberti arrives at the Casa del Vento with 'What it means to think'. On 5 September the show 'Good to Die' with Debora Caprioglio, Pino Quartullo, Gianluca Ramazzotti. Last appointment with another great name of Italian journalism such as Ezio Mauro (Casa del Vento) for 17 September. An important billboard built by Casa Civita, a subsidiary of the Municipality of Bagnoregio in charge of organizing the festival, and capable of bringing Bagnoregio to the center of the current cultural debate. A 2021 edition with big names and the path of the candidacy for UNESCO heritage for the Cultural Landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio in the center.

“We are satisfied with what is happening – the words of the mayor Luca Profili -. Bagnoregio enhances its image with initiatives of this nature and continues to build a fundamental network of relationships. Culture has been the catalyst for the tourist success that has changed the prospects of our territory and we will continue to give it the right space it deserves".

“The evening with Dodi Battaglia and Moser was a great success with the public and we are convinced that all the planned appointments will be well received – said the sole director of Casa Civita Francesco Bigiotti -. Organizing initiatives in a complex period like the current one is important because it means giving a sign of hope and speaking the language of optimism and faith in the future. We have before us the extraordinary experience of the candidacy of the Cultural Landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio as a UNESCO heritage site and Civita Luogo del Pensare is one of the passers-by through which we are sewing a patient work made of promotion, protection, enhancement and relationships".

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