Aug 2021

'Civita Luogo del Pensare' embraces Mirko Zilahy and his work 'L’uomo del bosco'

Civita Place of Thinking, Mirko Zilahy's 'The Man of the Woods' arrives

'Civita Luogo del Pensare' embraces Mirko Zilahy with his 'The man of the woods'. The appointment is for tonight at 21 in the splendid Piazza San Donato, the heart of the village with one million visitors a year and a UNESCO candidate. It is a publishing success this year which is linked to Civita because the village is represented on the cover.

On August 21 Costantino D'Orazio arrives with 'Lives of excellent artists' (Casa del Vento). On 24 August in Piazza San Donato in Civita there will be Walter Veltroni with 'The Moro case and the First Republic'. On 26 August it is the turn of another big name in Civita: Paolo Crepet with 'Beyond the storm'.

On September 1, again at 21, in Piazzale Biondini the show by Emilio Solfrizzi 'Roger'. On September 2, Umberto Galimberti arrives at the Casa del Vento with 'What it means to think'. On 5 September the show 'Good to Die' with Debora Caprioglio, Pino Quartullo, Gianluca Ramazzotti. Last appointment on 17 September with another big name in Italian journalism like Ezio Mauro (Casa del Vento).

'Civita Luogo del Pensare', a 2021 edition with big names and the path of the candidacy for Unesco heritage for the Cultural Landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio in the center. Among the most awaited and desired events, in this important year, the lectio magistralis on the beauty and humanism of the cashmere entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli scheduled for 27 August at 9 pm in Civita.

Cucinelli has received an extraordinary number of national and international awards for his "humanistic capitalism": in 2018 the University of Messina, considering Brunello Cucinelli a "concrete thinker, cultural promoter and true patron of our times", awarded him the Honorary PhD in Philosophy. In previous years, the prestigious appointments to Cavaliere di Gran Croce al merito della Repubblica Italiana and Cavaliere del Lavoro, awarded to him by the President of the Republic, the honorary degree in Philosophy and Ethics of human relations, with which the University of Perugia wanted to pay homage to him, and the Global Economy Prize, received from the prestigious Kiel Institute for the World Economy with the certificate of having known how to "perfectly impersonate the figure of the Honorable Merchant".


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