Aug 2021

Dodi Battaglia of the Pooh and the cycling legend Francesco Moser in Civita di Bagnoregio

Pooh's guitarist Dodi Battaglia and cycling champion Francesco Moser come to Tuscia for Civita Luogo del Pensare. Join us on Saturday, August 14th, at 9 PM in Piazza San Donato for a unique double interview, where two remarkable lives will be shared.

The month of June 2021 marked a great milestone for two men who have achieved many goals in their lives. Dodi Battaglia, the guitarist and vocalist of Pooh, and Francesco Moser, the historic Italian cyclist and track racer, both celebrated their 70th birthdays in June 2021. Their lives and careers are encapsulated in two recently published books by Azzurra Music.

Francesco Moser will present his book "Francesco Moser How a boy from a Trentino valley went to conquer Italy and the world", written by sports journalist Beppe Conti with a preface by Bernard Hinault. Dodi Battaglia will present the book "My 60 travel companions", which traces the career of the greatest Italian guitarist through images, anecdotes and curiosities of all the 60 guitars in his personal collection and his new album "Inno Alla Musica".

Admission to the event is free while seats last in compliance with anti-Covid-19 regulations. Remember the need for a green pass to access the space.

On 16 August Claudio Colaiacomo presents his book 'The Incredible Curiosities of Rome' in Civita. On August 19 it is the turn of Mirko Zilahy with 'The man of the wood'; (Civita). On August 21 Costantino D'Orazio arrives with 'Lives of excellent artists' (Casa del Vento). On 24 August in Piazza San Donato in Civita there will be Walter Veltroni with 'The Moro case and the First Republic'. On 26 August it is the turn of another big name in Civita: Paolo Crepet with 'Beyond the storm'. On September 1, again at 21, in Piazzale Biondini the show by Emilio Solfrizzi 'Roger'. All appointments are at 9pm.

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