Sep 2020

Valentina Bisti moves with her stories of a worthwhile Italy

All the Colors of Italy Worth Considering

Exploring the Nuances of Contemporary Italy

In the modern age, the realm of economics has adopted a chromatic differentiation, redefining and reclassifying activities. This includes the Green Economy for ecological endeavors, the Blue and White Economy for safeguarding marine environments and reducing harmful emissions, the Golden Economy for cultural heritage advancement, the Orange Economy for creativity and innovation, and the Yellow Economy for the flourishing commercial growth in Southeast Asian markets. The Brown Economy, once prevalent, symbolizes the now waning "use and discard" consumer society.

Shifting Economic Paradigms in the Age of COVID

Traditional economic models have undergone a complete upheaval in the wake of the COVID era. The lingering uncertainties surrounding its impacts and duration have coerced businesses into a reactionary mode, necessitating the revision and adaptation of short- and medium-term strategic policies.

Navigating Unprecedented Challenges

The Italians, characterized by Sandro Pertini as an "honest and hardworking people," find themselves confronting hitherto unfamiliar challenges. These extend beyond mere economic implications, encompassing broader social dynamics, freedom of movement, work methodologies, and, more pressingly, the contentious issue of when schools can safely reopen.

Drawing Strength from Silent Heroes

Amidst these trials, countless ordinary Italians serve as silent heroes in their daily lives. They require positive role models to fortify their resolve in the face of adversity. Valentina Bisti, a renowned journalist and RAI presenter, adeptly explores these themes from a vantage point. She offers insights in a captivating interview by Roberto Pomi, set against the enchanting backdrop of Civita di Bagnoregio. This interview was part of the unveiling of her new book, "All the Colors of Italy Worth Considering."

Conveying Profound Emotions

Valentina Bisti effectively conveys intense emotions through the narratives of those who have "survived life's challenges." These individuals convey messages of hope, narrating incidents that intertwine with personal lives. They share experiences directly encountered as reporters who document human tragedies on the frontlines. Their narratives aren't just personal, but resonate with the voices of the protagonists, reflecting their fears, desperation, and, most importantly, their extraordinary resilience and determination to forge ahead. These stories mirror the aftermath of an earthquake that instantaneously erased familiar landmarks from existence.

The Intrinsic Value of Places and People

The essence of a place resides in the hearts and words of those who can recount community anecdotes and the distinctive attributes of unique locations. This sentiment is true even in extraordinary locales like Bagnoregio and Matera. These towns exemplify tales of both hardship and romance, bolstered by courageous and unconventional mayors who orchestrated significant transformations. For instance, Bagnoregio transformed from a "dying village" into one of Italy's most vibrant and beautiful hamlets. Similarly, Matera evolved from Italy's "shameful city" to a distinguished European Capital of Culture.

A Guiding Principle of Resilience

Bruno, the beloved grandfather of the author, serves as the thread that runs through the book. His words provide a timeless solution: "Together, we will discover immense strength to overcome, progress, and appreciate the gifts life continues to bestow upon us."

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