The Cathedral of San Nicola

The Cathedral of San Nicola was originally known as S. Maria della Neve and is believed to date back to 440. By the wish of Bishop Tommaso Speradio, following extensive modernization works, in 1606 the church was officially reopened for worship and dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari. After the violent earthquake of 1695, which devastated Civita and the church of San Donato, the Holy See decided to transfer the Cathedral there. Thus, in the 1700s, after further restoration and expansion works, it was consecrated to both Saints Nicholas and Donato. Among the numerous restoration and embellishment interventions that followed, the most significant took place in 1779 when the Cathedral was also consecrated to Saint Bonaventure. In memory of this event, a large marble epigraph is located to the right of the entrance. Inside, valuable artworks are preserved:

A 12th-century parchment Bible, likely belonging to Saint Bonaventure.

A painting by Vanni depicting Mary Magdalene.

A reliquary crafted in gold and silver, portraying a blessing hand and housing the bones of the arm of Saint Bonaventure.

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