The monument dedicated to Saint Bonaventure

In the center of St. Agostino Square stands the monument celebrating Saint Bonaventure, a work by sculptor Cesare Aureli. The monument portrays the life of the Saint and his profound doctrine: the miraculous healing by Saint Francis, foreshadowing his "Good Fortune" in terms of sanctity and wisdom; the visit of Saint Thomas during which he inquires about the source of Bonaventure's wisdom, and with humility, Saint Bonaventure responds, "from the love of the Crucified"; the saint at the Council of Lyon, where his eloquence advocates for the unity of the Greek and Latin churches. Above the granite pedestal rises a 2.50-meter-tall bronze statue, weighing 10 quintals; it arrived in Bagnoregio on June 26, 1896, and was placed in the church of the Holy Annunciation, where the entire population rushed to admire it.

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19-04-2024 05:20
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